Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

Spying on Their Other Half

April 05, 2022 Bryan & Stacey Season 5 Episode 3
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast
Spying on Their Other Half
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer
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Buffy S5 E3 “The Replacement"/Gilmore Girls S5 E3 "Written in the Stars"

Xander is on the tail of what he believes to be his evil twin, and Emily is on the case of where Richard could possibly be going at 7:30pm!? While Xander finds himself split down the middle, the people of Stars Hollow worry they're have to split down the middle if Luke and Lorelai's relationship goes south. Rory meets a man who tries to turn her on through debate. The Scoobies meet a woman who's turned on by jackets. Anya's worried about Death, meanwhile death has fully come for Asher. Xander and Lorelai both make very bold shirt choices. And we discuss cornholing at length.

P.S. Here is the TikTok mentioned in this episode featuring Bryan's initial (quite tipsy) thoughts on Logan.

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Introduction - 0:00
Buffy S5 E3: The Replacement - 5:40
Meanwhile on Charmed - 38:31
Gilmore Girls S5 E3: Written in the Stars - 42:28
The Winner - 1:21:55

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Buffy S5 E3: The Replacement
Meanwhile on Charmed
Gilmore Girls S5 E3: Written in the Stars
The Winner