Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

Romantic Revelations

April 12, 2022 Bryan & Stacey Season 5 Episode 4
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast
Romantic Revelations
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer
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Gilmore Girls S5 E4 "Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too/Buffy S5 E4 "Out of My Mind"

Despite bringing some DTF blondes home, Spike and Zack are abruptly given news that romance may lie elsewhere. Spike and Jackson impulsively seize opportunities that don't work out the way they wanted. Riley's heart's beating faster than Hep Alien's new anthem, and he'll burst if he doesn't go through with a much-needed procedure. Same could be said about Dean if you put your mind in the gutter. #tinyprius #parentshouse Dean's mom is almost as triggered by seeing Rory as Joyce is by seeing she's got a whole second daughter she didn't know about. And what even is Charmed now?

Note: After releasing Episode 5.2 we learned the character of Dawn was originally written to be much younger. This episode was recorded before we learned that, so some of our jokes do not take that information into account. We will address this topic specifically at the top of our next episode.

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Introduction - 0:00
Gilmore Girls S5 E4: Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too - 4:29
Meanwhile on Charmed - 44:03
Buffy S5 E4: Out of My Mind - 46:52
The Winner - 1:14:59

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Gilmore Girls S5 E4: Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too
Meanwhile on Charmed
Buffy S5 E4: Out of My Mind
The Winner