Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

Season 5 Wrap-up

August 23, 2022 Bryan & Stacey Season 5 Episode 23
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast
Season 5 Wrap-up
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer
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In this special episode, we recap our thoughts on Season 5 of both shows. We count down our top 5 moments, discuss our least favorite moments, reveal our favorite episodes, share some predictions, talk about the MANY similarities, and decide which show was better overall. These were both excellent, equally-matched seasons, with too many great moments to name. We're so thankful for all of you who tune in every week as we share these shows with each other and dissect them to silly little pieces. P.S. Things got pretty wild on Charmed this season, and Bryan has apparently blocked it all out.

As mentioned, we'll be taking a 2-week break before starting Season 6, but will be doing a special Q&A episode on September 6th! Submit your questions by noon EST on Saturday August 27th via email (bryanandstaceyreviews@gmail.com) or reach out on social media. (@gilmoreslayer)

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Introduction - 0:00
Buffy Season 5 - 4:01
Meanwhile on Charmed - 33:30
Gilmore Girls Season 5 - 44:10
Similarities - 1:09:00
The Winner - 1:16:19
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Buffy: Season 5 Wrap-up
(Cont.) Buffy: Season 5 Wrap-up
Meanwhile on Charmed
Gilmore Girls: Season 5 Wrap-up
The Winner