Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

Have You Been Drinking?

March 14, 2023 Bryan & Stacey Season 7 Episode 4
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast
Have You Been Drinking?
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer
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Gilmore Girls S7 E4 "'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous"/Buffy S7 E4 "Help"

The AUDACITY of that police officer, suggesting Emily Gilmore take a breathalyzer! Seriously though, Buffy, how dare you show up in the middle of the night accusing that man. While Lorelai and Christopher go on a series of bad dates, Buffy "speed dates" a bunch of troubled teens. We learn Buffy and Rory like to borrow clothes without asking, and we learn April and Cassie like reading for fun! (Coincidentally have also both built their own websites and spend occasional weekends with Dad.) Plus both shows feature guests stars, famous for other shows, donning red garments!
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Introduction - 0:00
Gilmore Girls S7 E4: 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous - 5:40
Meanwhile on Charmed - 36:43
Buffy S7 E4: Help - 40:44
The Winner - 1:08:26

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Gilmore Girls S7 E4: 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous
Meanwhile on Charmed
Buffy: S7 E4 Help
The Winner