Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast

Buffy Season 8: Part 1

September 12, 2023 Bryan & Stacey Season 8 Episode 2
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer: A Buffy and Gilmore Girls Podcast
Buffy Season 8: Part 1
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer
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Show Notes

We've got some notes, per ushe, but we're really digging the comics so far! ...despite the super creepy, possibly problematic, underground slime monster. Buffy's back with a full slayer army, a big ole slayer budget, and big ole lil sis. The big bad seems to be a Marvel villain with a hairy chest and a secret identity... fer NOW! We get a lot of fun cameos, a very satisfying amount of Dark Giles, but also a lot more bath stuff than we expected. And please... don't hesitate to DM us if you'd like to see the pic of Buffy's sexy cherub dream.

If you want to follow along,  here's a list of the Buffy Season 8 comics. Stick to the titles and skim past the bodies of text if you're trying to avoid spoilers.
If you want to try watching the motion version of the comics, they're available to purchase on Amazon or YouTube. We recommend!

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